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About Mo

The usual life story blurb is below. It explains how I overcame being me to get it together enough to make beautiful things. Read it by all means but what you really need to know is I have a passion for the world, that means EVERYTHING is art. So focussing on a single area is an unachievable dream that has grown into creating on many different platforms. Dip into what you like, check out stuff you may never have seen, read the poetry, listen to the music and bathe in the flow that is my mental state.



Mo Scott is an artist who lets words - and the world around her - inspire her creativity. Previously her work has only been available to the few in the know, so this is the first time it has been made available to the general public. After receiving a Degree in Design for Interactive Media from Bucks University, Mo ran away to the country to let go of her urban roots and reconnect with nature. Living in and exploring Exmoor has grounded her artistic intentions and after years of experimentation in various media she has found a love for the two extremes of print (lino, drypoint, cyanotype, monotype) and free form abstract acrylic. This diverse range allows for pure bursts of creativity as well as slow, intricately planed projects. Most of her work is driven by the undercurrent of poetry that she writes, often combining image and text in a single work, although not all of the written material is available with the related artworks.

Creating Beauty From Disability

At the age of 23 Mo was involved in a serious motorbike accident that left her paraplegic (paralysed from the waist down). In coming to terms with her disability, she found a passion for creating art,  through words, image and music. While her disability does not define who she is, often the most inspired moments have come from adapting to circumstances in order to move forward. This journey took her to college, to gain a degree in design for interactive media, and then out into the world to discover a passion for growing food organically and living a sustainable life. Through all of this, she filled note books of poems, made prints and sketches, composed and performed songs - all of which have led to a greater confidence in putting new, completed work out there for people to experience.


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