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Night Song

My song is the night

It fills all those hidden spaces

And calls me to the wild

Every note a bell

In a cathedral of trees

Air fills my lungs

With all decay, all growth, all life, mingling

Till every moment

That has been

That will be

Is contained

In every single breath

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Jenny Wren

Don't be fooled, 

I will take you on

You call me Jenny Wren

But I am legion strong

My song has held this bush 

Through all the ages of man

Piercing the dawn to its core

Me and quick hearted clan

Kiss All The Stars

If I could kiss all the stars in the sky

Moon grant my wish and together we'd fly

Up, Up, Up, away and above

If I could just find the one that I love

The is a magic way down, down in my soul

It draws us together, it makes me feel whole

Stronger than steel, but softer than light

It's love that binds and holds us tight



There is hope inside us all

Even when it's dark 

Especially when it's dark

Burn brighter 

Till we lead each other out of the night

Brittle Beauty

I stand here, cutting the dawn sky

Brittle beauty showing summers lie

That time will stop but its all pretend

For strength and vigor goes,

But beauty stays till the end


Fossil in the waves


I followed the crab

As he brandished his cutlass

Claiming ownership of the flotsam and jetsam

That littered the beach, In lines

That showed the history of the waves

Of this morning

And as we reached his pool

He declared his anger at my interrupting

His treasure hunt 

And dropped into the water

Slow floating down

My eyes focused past him

To see the past writ large

That millions of years had gone by

That his great great grandfather

Many times over

Had defended this place

Had survived the rise and fall of species

Had taken to task

The creatures that had evolved to me

That the stones and bones of this place

Had seen the magic of this morning

More times than its possible to count

And bellow his slow decent

The old bones, now turned stones

Made his fortress rock pool, home

It was the end


It was the end of all things

So we planted 

It was the end of all things

So we grew

It was time to listen 

To our grandmothers wisdom

To put our hands in the soil

So the earth could know that we knew

Change is coming at speed

Change is already here

There is no time left to question 

As we open the dirt for the seed

To feed our bodies her fruit

To feed our minds her tales

Of growth and balance and patience 

As all that we built starts to fail

So We listen hard 

To our grandmothers wisdom

And it’s the end of all things

So we planted 

It’s the end of all things

So we grew



Look I am not your hero

I am only buying cheese


I am a bit freaked out

It's not that I don't appreciate

Kind words and sentiments in a supermarket isle

But in the awkward conversation

We are going to have for the next 3 minutes 

There is no way to convey


My universe does not encompass a serenity

That was bestowed upon me through the wheels that grow out of my butt

It comes from the motorbike that gifted them to me

That taught me on my first ride, 

Life's most valuable lessons

If you look at it, you will hit it

It applies to everything

Happyness, emotional stability, travel, family, jobs, learning and apparently cars



That's what I wish I could tell you

As you try to mask sympathy

That I don't need, because apparently, 

The evil motorbike has stolen my chance

Rendered me incapable of all life has to offer

Yet if you tried to keep up with me for a week

The reckless abandon of joyous energy

I expend has not changed from the first day 

I realized I could chase the wind

And win.

I am not your hero

I was only buying cheese...

I Am Not OK


I am not ok

But I can't say that today

There are bills to be paid

Dinner to cook

The dogs need a walk

So there is no time to talk

About how I can't

Do better than I did yesterday

Fix every mistake I ever made

How I can't push out

The fact that you wished me dead

It just plays over and over in my head


And sometimes I think

If I could pop like a soap bubble

Vanish in a shimmering shower

Forgotten in under an hour

I would


No more of me

Trying and failing

No more of me

Disappointing every atom in exhistance

No more of me

In the way

No more of me

Not being smart/pretty/hard working

No more of me


But I have to read to my son

And worry about what I left undone

Make sure I don't stray 

To the edge of my thoughts

Make sure every second is filled

Crammed, jammed, slammed tight

Then I can collapse exhausted at night

So I can't think of how 

Right here, right now

I am not ok

Bee Chasing

Yesterday I followed a single bee

For 10 minutes I tracked her

Contorting myself through foliage 

Like an escapee from an asylum 

Allowing the worlds moment of tragedy

To fall from my mind

To be part of just her tiny purpose 

With nothing else pressing 

I found freedom 

That while my world was shrunk

Hers was huge and full of possibilities 

I saw tiny flowers in intricate beauty 

I felt a single gust of wind 

As a wave in the sea

I saw others like me

Dancing delicate joy filled news

Of how glorious the day

Of how warm the air

Of where treasure was to be found


For 10 minutes I was at peace

Then when my bee friend flew out of sight 

And I was back in the asylum 

Back in the world's moment of fear 

The world's moment of grief

I was grateful I had take 10 minutes 

To be with her


Her name is Dave by the way

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