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The Call of Spring, is my response to the sence that life is getting ready to burst forth. I have a large garden and this time of year I always have to hold myself back as I get drawn into the drive that seems to come from the ether, to put seeds in, to turn the soil, to ready the plot and then suddenly over night life and spring bursts forth ending the sleep of winter.Printed on Japanese Rice paper, with Cranfield inks.


The Call of the Spring


The call is quiet

Like a far off hunting horn

That causes a tensing 

That moment before all life

Springs out

Racing time

Racing light

Racing the shortening night

We all feel it

Raise our heads

Like prey scenting the shifting wind

Getting ready to grow

As the start of the year begins

Call Of Spring

SKU: 220014
  • Printed on Japanese Rice Paper, with Cranfield inks.

    Image size 210mm x 148mm

    Mount size 297mm x 210mm

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