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I spend a lot of time awake at night, outside walking the dogs. Living on Exmoor I have the luxuary of pure moonlight without any light pollution diluting the magical essence. Printed on UNICA Fabriano Printmaking Paper, with Cranfield inks.



The Moon And His Hat


The moon has got his hat on tonight

Casting his translucent shadowless light

Making magic creep through the under growth



Calling out the untamed parts our soul

Till running with the wolves seems wise

And we turn away in fear

Not from what's outside

But from what's inside us all

The Moon and His Hat in Colour

SKU: 220022
  • Printed on UNICA FabrianoBlack Somerset Printmaking Paper, with Cranfield inks.

    Image size 210mm x 148mm

    Mount size 297mm x 210mm

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