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There was a time when life, needed calmimg down and bringing back together, and i needed to weave a new chapter and way of looking at the world. I alwas loved the greek myth of the spider, who had started life as a woman Arachne, who dared to challenge the gods with her with her skills in weaving and while some my find spiders sinister I think of them as a lost soul weaving her way through life . Printed on Fabriano Unica Paper, with Cranfield inks.





I have taken the chaos of my life

And spun it into a calm thread

I will take this and weave a net

To catch the dawns soft dew

So I can look through it to see all

Of the colours to paint my life with

Dawn Dew Webs

SKU: 220043
  • Printed on Black Somerset Printmaking Paper, with Cranfield inks.

    Image size 210mm x 148mm

    Mount size 297mm x 210mm

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