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Turning flow acrylics from abstract to story telling, this A1 sized canvas has a beautiful turquoise backgound highlighting the gilded moon. The flowers float out of the haze to mingle dreamy colours with flecks of gold.


Golden Flower Meadow


While I lie here 

The cold wind kissing my skin

I see how the light of the golden moon

Makes the flowers shine from within

The rising flotilla of flighted night life

Mingles with the dancing petaled heads

Till all life is one in this distant meadow

And wonder that this moment 

Has no value on our weighted scale

That it will be lost

Without a true appreciation 

That life is worth more

Than what it costs

Golden Moon Flower Meadow (Large)

SKU: 220015
  • Acrylic Flow Medium on Canvas

    58cm x 84cm x 1.5cm

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