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This beautiful turquoise jellyfish was an experiment gone both very wrong and ever so right. I am not sure how to recreate it so its a true one off, with its flowing form and crazed surface, it really captures the the magic and fragility of this creature.




These are the ghosts of the sea

Drifting along, without places to be

Silent in their witness of secrets untold

Of magical places where adventures unfold

Of storm wracked shores in far flung lands

Where the people live to dance on the hot sand

Of depth that seems like a bottomless chasm

But in the deep there is more life than we can fathom

So here without a thought it its head

And with no words to say nothing is left unsaid

I hang a pale shadow observer of all

Wishing I could see everything with a brain so small

Where worry and concerning future things

Could just be lost in the wonder of all that life brings 


Jellyfish (Ocean Blue)

SKU: 220002
  • Acrylic Flow Medium on Canvas

    12cm x 18cm x 1.5cm

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