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This beautiful flow acrylic captures the magic of the light of intermingling colours.


Rainbow Universe


What if we just admited that we are like light

Made of all the colours

No colour is wrong, no colour is right

All of them are beautiful shining in the night

And when we come together that is when we are most bright

Like a rainbow, arching over, arching through everyone

Then surely we can look with love and joy

At every man, girl, woman, boy, fluid flow

Who don't desire the ease of a simple gendered label bow

And celebrate a rainbow on full display

And if people choose to change the colour of their hair

The clothes they wear

Or the gender they display, its not for any to care

But celebrate this new rainbow on full display

And we should do this every single day

Rainbow Universe

SKU: 220001
  • Acrylic Flow Medium on Canvas

    60cm x 45cm x 1.5cm

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