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This print takes many techniques to create, a cyanotype is overlayed with a drypoint etching plate and a copper moon is guilded over the top. The real world mixed with the magical creates the tale of the white fox.


The White Fox


The white fox in his coat

Has all lands traveled

By the light of the moon

Etched in his gate

He slips from place to place

Seeing all but hiding his face

As he creeps all knowing

To hunt small prey

I wish he would tary

To tell me his tales

Of lost seas

Of mountains that rise and rise

Of camps of nomads

Of rolling feilds

Of the night sky that covers all in slumber

Bar him

And the Moon

Who calls as his constant partner

Holding the world in magic

Of dark hunts, in half light

Her beauty shaping his night to day

Drawing him out

Lighting his way

The White Fox

SKU: 220010
  • Printed on Fabriano UNICA Printmaking Paper, with Cyanotype, Cranfield inks and Copper Guilding

    Image size 210mm x 297mm 

    Mount size 280mm x 355mm

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